Fara Williams Twitter Q&A

 Ahead of Liverpool Ladies Champions League debut tomorrow, midfielder Fara Williams participated in a Twitter Q&A on the official @LFC account.
 Below you can find each question & answer!
 To read a full Champions League preview, check out my article on This Is Anfield:

Q Gemma Bonner : How does it feel being the most capped England player ever or is it none of my business??
A Fara Williams : It was a really proud moment for myself and my family. But it’s none of Bonner’s business!
Q @LivC1999 : Most memorable moment of your career?
A Fara Williams : Winning the Women’s Super League last season was the most memorable moment
Q @TheRizAngga : Who’s your favourite LFC men player?
A Fara Williams : Steven Gerrard – because he plays in the same position as me and has been a top-class player for years
Q @JaniLemmetty : What is your most memorable moment or goal in Liverpool shirt?
A Fara Williams : Chelsea last year when we were losing 2-0. It wasn’t the best of goals but it was an important, game-changing goal
Q @iibrahimcann : is there any special thing that you do before matches?
A Fara Williams : I’m not superstitious, although I do come out last in the team line-up
Q @jack_alfonso98 : how is women’s football as a whole progressing from someone on the inside?
A Fara Williams : I see good, steady progress for the development of the game
Q @saradavies13 : what is your proudest moment when you have worn that england shirt
A Fara Williams : There have been lots of proud moments, but probably qualifying for the World Cup in 2007
Q @Team_Schroder : what’s the best game this season u have played in & why ?
A Fara Williams : Chelsea at home earlier in the season when we won 2-0 – it was a fantastic team performance
Q @jonkwan8 : which club did you support growing up? and what does “YNWA” mean to you?
A Fara Williams : YNWA is a very emotional song and one which helps you to get mentally prepared for the game
Q @7_Hollie : what are your hopes for the rest of your career?
A Fara Williams : Winning the league again and to achieve something with England trophy-wise. Also, do well in the Champions League
Q @LFC : And finally, one from us: How did it feel to be nominated for the top three players in the North West Football Awards?
A Fara Williams : It was a proud moment to be recognised after winning the league and becoming the most capped England player ever

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