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Corina Schröder from Dingden plays for Liverpool LadiesLady in Red

Sometimes you just have time to make a clean sweep to recover misplaced own strength and self-confidence. Corina Schröder made a clean sweep in February 2013 and drew a line: After ten years in the German top flight and a commitment to the least unsatisfactory SC Bad Neuenahr, the Premiership footballer had joined the ladies of Liverpool FC. 

By Mirko Ludwig

Two championship could Corina Schröder with the Liverpool Ladies already have won. Photo: private
The decision to change matured in a short time – hit within weeks Corina Schröder a new life chapter. Was less than two years have passed since that date, 28-year-old Germany temporarily said farewell and about 700 kilometers away from their hometown Dingden in Bocholt with “Welcome to England” welcomed. The gold right move, “I feel really good,” she said recently after her contract extension until the autumn of 2017. Actually had “Coco”, so her nickname, had only planned a two-year stint.
Left-footed wanted – with this search profile, the English club in the spring of 2013, had deliberately turned to Schroeder’s adviser Dietmar Ness. “Liverpool was a sounding name, but by the time the women’s team was last in the FA Women’s Super League ‘and in the city largely unknown,” said Corina Schroeder recalls. Nevertheless, they decided to use the “change of scenery” and was to encourage Nicole Rolser which has already played the “Reds”, “Here is developing what,” said her former team-mate from Bad Neuenahr promising.
For Corina Schröder it was a “step towards a new future” – but in a different guise: “Football was not longer as important for me,” says the defender in retrospect. More focused the qualified wholesale and foreign trade clerk was first out for her other professional foothold to gain international experience and enhance language skills. However, it should not be – the first two seasons on the island took for the club and for Corina Schröder personally surprising patterns.
Even those in charge of Liverpool Ladies put everything on the card reboot. Twelve players were required to have a international team with players from the United States, Iceland, Sweden, Portugal, Germany and England. The concept worked: Liverpool Ladies developed into a close-knit and successful community. Two consecutive year they secured the British Championship and qualified for the Champions League.
Great praise was afterwards especially for the two Germans: “Nicole Rolser and Corina Schröder had an inestimable value for the two title wins and will continue to be key players,” said team manager Matt Beard.
“The team is a huge family to which this includes every single fan.”
Corina Schröder
Especially for Corina Schröder has since changed some fundamental: “In England I have regained its former strength. Since I won distance and thus again have a clear head, I can use my skills right “She plays left in the back four and describes their strengths among others so.” I can read the game well and marching much with the front. “

Earlier career start

Already since the age of football is their passion – and family history: her parents, older brother and her cousins ​​have also played football. Therefore, the athletic career by Corina Schröder took logically early run its course: From the “Bambini” to the D-youth she played as the only girl in a boys’ team of BW Dingden and worked out on the field a lot of respect and acclaim what is in their choice culminated captain of the troop.
Video interview with Corina Schröder during a home visit:

After the stations HSC Dingden Mountain and SV Brünen Erstligist FCR 2001 Duisburg became aware of the talent. Corina Schröder ended parallel to their involvement in football successfully complete their training and then worked for a year still in her profession as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk. Your Bundesliga debut in the Dingdenerin 2003. Full on the map soccer put it, as Turbine Potsdam 2011, the defender committed.
Total Corina Schröder denied 141 Bundesliga games and also celebrated in Germany several titles profits: German Cup (2010, 2011), DFB Cup victory in 2009, Champions League win in 2010 and “Women’s Cup” a gain in 2009. “Without my parents I would never have made it this far, “says the Dingdenerin.
With Liverpool “I want to play further up the top. That will be difficult because many teams like Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea incremental upgrade. The time now is invested in the game a lot of money. Looking at the media interest and number of spectators, it comes with the English women’s football is currently very steep uphill, “says Corina Schröder.
“Who knows, maybe someday I play for the English national team.”
Corina Schröder
To this end, she has taken care of with their teammates in the English port city itself. The Liverpool Ladies have made a name. The kicker of the first men’s team made the ladies “pay their respects” and invited the successful footballers for breakfast. Players such as Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez “are nice, courteous and have no airs and graces,” said Corina Schröder of the encounter.

Special Story

Liverpool has grown her heart. All newcomers are trained to “Merit Badge” of employees and awareness of history of the club. “The team is a huge family to which this includes every single fan. It’s amazing how the mostly positive but also partly negative history of Liverpool FC – Keyword Hillsborough -. Has all welded together even more “
The love of her new footballing home could also lead to a late consolation: “Who knows, maybe someday I play for the England national team,” said Corina Schröder smile. The train for a nomination for the DFB Women’s team is their assessment departed for them now. This was “in my career decisive phase in Potsdam unfortunate injury of the blow to the neck”.
Theoretically, its use should be possible for England. “Now this would be feasible if I would marry an Englishman. The visit but not yet … “jokes Corina Schröder.
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