Fara Williams Twitter Q & A

 Earlier today Liverpool Ladies midfielder and vice captain Fara Williams completed a question and answer session on Twitter. If you missed it or were unable to follow for any reason, I have compiled each question and answer below!

 Q @DarrylB1979 Who’s the best player you have played with and against?

 A The best player I have played with is Kelly Smith. Played against it would probably be Simone Laudehr.

 Q @Emma042198 Where is the one place in the world you would love to visit that you have never been before?

 A I would have to say Aruba in the Caribbean.

 Q Emma042198 If Liverpool Ladies could play any team in the world, who would you like to play against?

 A I would like to play against Olympique Lyonnais.

 Q @kopchick71 If you had to pick a womens England team from past & present players who would be in your team?

 A 5 a side team I have played with would be – Pauline Cope, Mo Marley, Me, Katie Chapman and Kelly Smith.

 Q @kirstycassella If you could pick to play alongside 3 players men or women from any country who would it be and why?

 A It would be Marta, Lionel Messi and Steven Gerrard.

 Q @kirstycassella Who is your sporting role model?

 A I would probably say Zinedine Zidane.

 Q @kirstycassella If you could pick anyone in the world to manage or coach you, who would it be and why?

 A I would say Jose Mourinho – he’s a born winner.

 Q  @ChelseaF58 Who’s autograph would you most like to have & why?

 A Zinedine Zidane.

 Q @bantam75 If you could choose Champions League medal, World Cup medal or Olympic medal which would it be?

 A Tough question but I would have to say World Cup medal.

 Q @clodagh_donovan What’s the 3 most important things a player needs to play at the highest level?

 A Self drive, personality and mental toughness.

 Q @Amy_H_ Would you rather go 5 days without food or five days without sleep?

 A haha I love food so will have to leave the sleep!

 Q @TheFemaleDugout Would you want to go into a backroom staff role or coaching role after football? If not, what next.

 A I would like to get involved with coaching and then potentially go into management.

 Q @JoannaSimpson21 Do you have a ritual / lucky routine you do before each game? & if so what is it?

 A For I always walk out on to the pitch last.

 Q @lisa_thomas31 If you were to give 1 piece of advice to a youth player having experienced the highs & lows of women’s football, what would it be?

 A Don’t get complacent with success and continue to work hard setting yourself new targets.

 Q @LLFCSuperFan What was it like to win the FA WSL title two times in a row? What did the team do to celebrate that?

 A It was the best feeling ever! We just went for a team meal as we had a Champions League game four days later!

 Q @scoobydoorea Are you impressed with the continuous grown of the women’s game in terms of support and attendances?

 A Yeah the improvement has been really impressive and we need to ensure we maintain the growth of the women’s game.

 Q @leythal Let’s be random, thunder cats or my little pony?

 A My little pony!!

 Q @Lydia_RoseShaw You’ve won 7 medals apart from your individual ones….. What was your most satisfying?

 A Definitely winning the league.

 Q @Buntinglad What is your favourite goal you have scored?

 A I would probably say the free kick I scored against Arsenal last season.

 Q @mrs_bradders1 Why does Matt Beard call you by your first name on the pitch but shouts ,’Bonner’ at Gemma?

 A because I’m the boss LOL!

 Q @IngridRyland who your fav Norwegian?

 A It would have to be Line as she has better banter than you!

 Q @LFCladiesfans How does it feel to be the most capped England player of all-time?

 A It’s a huge honour and it was a very proud moment for myself and my family.

 Q @Anita_Shorty_H You have done remarkable work with Liverpool Homeless FC – what is your memorable occasion with them?

 A Seeing some of the changes they have made in their personal life.

 @fara_williams47 Congratulations to @bantam75 who is the winner of a signed pair of boots for the best question! Thanks to everyone for tweeting in questions.

 For more information on Fara’s work with Liverpool Homeless, I wrote an article on the blog here: ‘MORE THAN JUST A GAME’.

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