TRIP REPORT: Liverpool Ladies P – P Chelsea Ladies

Instead of watching my beloved Liverpool Ladies take on Chelsea Ladies today, I spent 7 hours sitting in traffic as depicted in the above photograph.

We had set off at 8am this morning in order to avoid the dreaded Easter Monday congestion and until arriving at Warwick South services, everything was going swimmingly.

Having arrived at the services at 10:30ish and about ready to head back on the road for the final hour of the trip, Liverpool tweeted that due to heavy rainfall overnight there was due to be a pitch inspection at 11am.

We sat around and waited for another half an hour before heading back out only to be in the car 5 minutes when it was confirmed the game was off. Drat. Time to turn around and head back up the M6.

Chelsea is an away fixture that hasn’t been kind to us in the last 2 years, a 0-0 draw in 2014 and a 1-0 defeat last season, yet it’s always an away day I enjoy. I like the stadium.

It was also the first away day where I accepted a lift from my fam, the Keam’s, and now I travel (see: tag along) on all their road trips. Singing my heart out. They love it.

7 hours after leaving Liverpool we arrived at the Academy Stadium to watch Manchester City take on Arsenal.

The whole ordeal has got me thinking, or it’s psychologically damaged me to such an extent that I’m writing this, that despite not watching the Reds, I still had a bloody good day.

I sang the Shanice Van de Sanden song way too many times, I saw friends I haven’t seen in months and even though we really did take the scenic route to the extreme to go down the road to Manchester, we had a laugh in the car.

That’s what it’s all about really isn’t it? Yes it’s good to go and watch the Reds and watch the Reds hopefully score a few goals and grab the 3 points.

Yet it’s still good to have a catch up and watch some football and some goals even if it’s not the Reds.

Staines defeated us today, but we’ll be back.

P.S. This Saturday, 2nd April I’ll be reporting from the u17s final league game of the season, they’ve already secured the league title with a game to spare! Then, on Sunday I’ll be up in Sunderland to watch ex-Red Lucy Staniforth with her new team and launching a new section on this blog about players who have moved on from Liverpool.

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