Louise Fors leaves Liverpool on loan

*Now confirmed by Liverpool

 Yesterday Louise Fors announced on her official Facebook page that she will not be returning to Liverpool for the 2014 season and instead will be playing her football on loan in Sweden.

 In 2013 Fors was a crucial part of Liverpool’s title winning team, at the midway point she was our Player of the Season with eye catching and impressive performances on the left. Fors was also Liverpool’s main set piece taker, scoring many memorable goals throughout the season; her first Liverpool goal a penalty in the Continental Cup derby against Everton, a thumping free kick away at Birmingham and of couse the title sealing penalty on the final day against Bristol Academy.

 The full statement from Facebook is below, translated via Google:

“I started my business in October last year where the purpose was to share with me out of my skills and experience but most of all inspire young soccer girls to what is actually possible today as women’s football player. Today I had time to visit the 1:10 speech team around Sweden and have received a very good response to my presentation on “my journey” but even when I’ve stayed in trainings, which is very fun and inspiring to continue. So now that I ‘ve decided to be on loan from Liverpool FC to a Swedish club season in 2014 (due to personal reasons, my wedding in June), I will continue developing my academy and it is clear that my academy will be named ” Lollo Football Academy”. I have already received interest from many women’s teams around Stockholm which is very fun. I am also currently planning a camp in the summer out in the southern suburbs, where my own travel started. So it looks to be an exciting year for me and my academy . Help me spread my academy. Like and reshare Thanks!”

 Fors’ decison to play in Sweden, while disappointing as a Liverpool supporter, is completely understandable on a personal level and I wish her the best of luck in the next stage of her career, YNWA!

 Follow Louise Fors on Twitter here & her official Facebook page here.

 In other ex-Liverpool Ladies news, former reds striker Hannah Keryakoplis has joined Birmingham City while US defender Whitney Engen has been drafted in the NWSL to play for Houston Dash.

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